Andrew Herzog

Andrew Herzog is my favorite designer. The design studio, HAWRAF, that he founded alongside four other members of Google’s Creative Lab 5 focuses on the idea that “Anything can be interactive.”

An interactive explanation site that asks the user to call a number to hear information about Marc Horowitz’s work created by HAWRAF

In his own work, Herzog investigates simple concepts of art. For example, “Circle or Curve”, an installation work in Romania that explored how a viewer experiences an artists creation and intentions. By obscuring the whole image (a circle), Herzog asks the viewer to observe his work as he did, in a section, and to envision the rest of the path. In this way, the viewers shares the artists creative responsibilities.

Aerial View of “Circle or Curve”

Herzog’s most recent work was based in Philadelphia! “Blue Sky or Sky Blue?” was Herzog’s way to analyze a concept he called “prioritized sight.” The idea of “prioritized sight” discusses how people choose to see and engage with the world around them. The viewer sees a dot in relation to sky, sometimes the dot appears to match the sky’s color, other times it contrasts.

You can find more of Herzog’s work in his website :


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  1. Viola B says:

    I love the work on the colors of the sky. It is crazy how rarely we take time to really look at the things around us. Great post!


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