Slicing in Style: Knives of All Kinds

This YouTube channel—a favorite of mine for some time now—showcases the process of hand-making chef’s knives out of all sorts of strange materials. Milk, pasta, cardboard, etc. Admittedly, the videos can be a bit… well, bizarre. The person who runs the channel has quite an odd sense of humor. But, there is a strange sort of beauty to the knives that they create, and it is both fascinating and admirable to see the care put into the process of each knife’s creation. This video shows the making of a hardwood knife, the end product of which has a very elegant look to it. It’s a good place to start, if these videos sound at all interesting to you. (They also make great background material for studying!)


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  1. Viola B says:

    It is an interesting exploration to separate the form of a common object from its usefulness and natural material. There is a lot of art discussion about utility, and this guy is defiantly experimenting with it. Cool find!


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