Phones are intentionally designed to be addicting

Over the past summer, I became very interested in digital wellbeing and digital minimalism. This stemmed from the realization that I was using my phone way more than I thought I was – sometimes upwards of 5 hours a day. Simple math shows this is over 70 days per year! To me personally this was very concerning, and I spent a lot of time reading up about how to spend less time on my phone/social media and be more productive in real life. A video that I found fascinating was one of Vox’s ‘It’s Not You’ series. It talks about how tech companies spend millions of dollars analyzing human habits to ultimately design their products to be addicting.



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  1. Viola B says:

    This is disturbing but so TRUE. I read a book recently called The Tech-Wise Family that was talking about how to deal with technology with wisdom or suspicion rather than just accepting it. The book has a religious bent, and is about parenting, but the ideas are so applicable. Good job for recognizing your own phone usage!


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