The Barnes Foundation

I recently took a trip to the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. This gallery is subject to various debates and discussions based on its history (whether it should have been moved to the city of Philadelphia or left in the suburbs as its owner wished), but I am focusing more on my overall personal experience. There was something that felt more inviting about this place compared to other museums. The different paintings on the walls and the lack of descriptions next to them, other than the artists’ names, invited me to appreciate them in my own way. I enjoyed walking through the halls and noting minor changes, such as different lightings in different rooms or the placement of the paintings, and wondering if these were on purpose or just successful accidents. Even though I’m not usually a fan of museums because they can be a little intimidating for me, visiting the Barnes Foundation was an experience I enjoyed because I felt it allowed me to enjoy the art without limitations or expectations.


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  1. Viola B says:

    I loved going to the Barnes Foundation. It has some incredible work, and is very quirky in how it shows it. You get a glimpse at Mr. Barnes in the way everything is set out. Honore Daumier is my favorite artist that they have in the collection.


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