#Blkgrlswurld Punk Fest and Zine Fair at ICA

This past weekend, the publishing and promotion collective #Blkgrlswurld hosted the Punkfest and Zine Fair at ICA, here in University City, to celebrate the contributions of women of color in hardcore music genres, as is the mission of the collective. The two-day fest featured a panel of punk rockers of color, who “explore[d] the cultural implications of punk music made for and by marginalized communities, and the future of this punk scene,” as well as a lineup of local hardcore bands and a zine workshop. This feature from Artblog, written by Alex Smith, contains much more information on the performing bands, as well as some historical context of POC in underground/hardcore music genres.


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  1. Viola B says:

    Did you get to go to any of the events? I love zines. Also this looks like a cool way to engage a culture that I know very little about.


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