Mexican Bracelets

Looking down at my wrists, I realized that my culture is something that I constantly wear. Not only because of how I act, or how I speak, but also because I literally wear bracelets that I got back home every single day. These bracelets can be found in any Mexican city, especially in tourist locations in places called “curios” or “tianguis” depending on the region one visits. What I love about these bracelets is that they display the folklore of the Mexican culture through the creativity of our indigenous peoples. The different designs have the power to remind me of home, no matter where I am, and these colors and shapes constantly inspire me.


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  1. Viola B says:

    These are really beautiful. I am a huge fan of handicraft production because it is an accessible form of art that often describes the economic state of a place. It is good to take pride in our home handicrafts and traditions. I wonder where this tradition started from.


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