30-Year Timelapse of New York City Skyline

One frame from the millions that Joseph DiGiovanna has captured

Having lived near New York City for most of my life, I have been amazed at how much it has changed and developed even just during my lifetime. Many people I have talked to have had similar astonishment, but none as much as Joseph DiGiovanna. DiGiovanna has purchased $15,000 worth of camera equipment, computers, and storage with the intent of capturing a 30-year timelapse of the transformation of the NYC skyline from his apartment window in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Joseph DiGiovanna and his recording setup

DiGiovanna began this process in 2015, and has already achieved incredible results, including a timelapse of the July 2019 blackout that left 73,000 without power for a few hours before power gradually returned. The videos DiGiovanna captured are stunning so far, and he plans to continue at least until 2045, if not forever, with the hope of eventually having a museum installment of his work. I greatly enjoyed reading this article and watching DiGiovanna’s videos. I look forward to continuing to follow DiGiovanna’s work, and I highly recommend reading this article about it at the link below:



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  1. Viola B says:

    What a crazy ambitious project. I need to keep up with this as it goes. There is an aspect of this where he is putting his finger on the pulse of the city in that time frame. Good find.


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