Drawing a Tree – Bruno Munari

“At this point someone says: I can’t draw, I’m hopeless at drawing. I’m absolutely useless at drawing, I can’t draw anything, nothing at all. These people who are terrified of making fools of themselves, of drawing something wrong or everything wrong, so they refuse to draw. Apart from the fact that everyone is free to draw or not to draw, among these there are people who say these things and feel they would like to draw, but as an adult they are afraid of showing they don’t know how to draw things even a child can draw.

You can say this to these people;: – do you know how to do these drawings? – (and on a blackboard or on a piece of paper you draw an A, a B, and a C in capital letters). These are just the first three letters of the alphabet, they’ll say. You can answer that these are the three drawings that represent the first three letters of the alphabet and that one is made up of straight lines, one of straight lines and curved ones and one is made up only of curves.

Well, I know how to do those, they’ll say. Well, and you know how to do them not only with a pen but with a pencil too, with a felt-tip too., with a crayon as well… you know how to make them narrow or wide, high or low, with straight lines or wavering lines…

Of course, we know how to do those.

And do you know how to draw the letter Y?


And can you draw it high or low or narrow or wide or wavering or fine or thick?


Well then, draw a big fat Y and then on the two raised arms continue the drawing with two more smaller Ys and so on…

you’ll draw yourself a tree.”

Really cool thoughts! I was really into urban sketching during the summer along with my friend. My friend struggled a bit with drawing trees, so I bought him (and myself) this book.


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  1. Viola B says:

    Amazing. I love the simple method of drawing Ys. It makes it something doable.


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