Site/Sound: Revealing the Rail Park

I had heard about the rail park as a freshman; they were introduced to me by my adventurous new friends as abandoned rail yards which were ripe for exploration. So explore we did, and after a few flashy, overexposed photos were taken amongst the grasses and rusty graffiti (for the gram, of course), I was satisfied and done with the concept. Now, three years later, the rail yards are again piquing interest, but from art community sophisticates in a well-deserved celebration of these unique landmarks.

To quote the website, “Introducing Site/Sound, a unique new festival that combines audio-visual art installations and diverse music performances, all shaped by their surroundings. Above and below the city streets, the installations celebrate and imagine the past, present, and future of Philadelphia’s Rail Park. Through community workshops, panels, tours, and performances, we’ll bring to life a new shared urban space rising from the tracks and thoroughfares that were once the terminus of the mighty Reading Railroad.

The kickoff show was this past Saturday, October 5th; in the case that you, like me, had not yet heard of this event, there are three weeks of events, detailed here, to enjoy.


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  1. Viola B says:

    I am hoping to get to this exhibit next weekend. Did you enjoy it?


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