Beetlejuice: The Spookiest, Spookiest, Spookiest Musical for this Halloween Season

Over this fall break, I had the time to go up to New York and catch the perfect show for the Halloween season: Beetlejuice. If you are fan of brash comedy intermixed with the craziness of a Broadway musical, this show is right up your alley.

Staring Alex Brightman as the titular Beetlejuice, the show follows the mischievous demon as he tries to become visible to humanity by getting someone to say his name three times in succession. His first attempt with the recently deceased Maitland couple (Kerry Butler and David Josefberg) ends unsuccessfully, leading Beetlejuice to try using a girl named Lydia (Sophia Anne Caruso) by manipulating her desire to connect to her dead mom.

The cast of Beetlejuice performing at the 2019 Tonys

The show embraces its quirky and dark comedic roots from the original Tim Burton film, exemplified with its frequent sex jokes and the uncomfortably funny Girl Scout song. However, Beetlejuice’s real beauty comes through in it’s technical aspects. It’s set perfectly encapsulates the Burton take on German Expressionism while still having its own identity. The lighting, projection, and sound design work in tandem to draw attention to one gag to another with ease. And not to mention the floating sequences! Once you notice the actors are not on wires, you can’t help but wonder how the show seamlessly floats it’s principle actresses right before your eyes.

If you find yourself wanting to celebrate spooky season in style, I can wholeheartedly recommend going to see Beetlejuice! And even if you die during the performance, Beetlejuice ensures death won’t stop the show from going on. After all, it is a show about death.


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