Monarca (Monarch) is a Mexican Netflix show that follows the Carranza family’s problems with corruption, ambition, and power struggles after their father’s death. Even though it highlights parts of my country that no one is proud of, such as the relationships between corporations, the government, and organized crime, I appreciate that it shows a modern side of Mexico that doesn’t usually come to mind. As the producer said, it brings an image of a Mexico that “doesn’t ride burros or wear sombreros.”

Aside from the entertaining storyline, I also enjoyed the visuals that the show presents. It shows beautiful shots of agave fields in the small pueblo of Tequila, Jalisco, but also the skyscrapers and modern buildings of Mexico City. It is almost as if they wanted to compare the goodness of Ana María, the protagonist, with the pure fields in Jalisco, and her twisted brother Joaquín with the luxury and ambition of the big city.


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  1. Viola B says:

    Good job breaking down some of the field/city visuals. Sounds like an interesting series.


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