Remnants of Summer

Earlier today as I was coming back to Philadelphia from Fall break I drove through Chinatown. I happened to notice some giant lanterns of panda bears playing mahjong placed out next to some benches in a small sitting area along the street. I immediately recognized the display from the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival, which I had the pleasure of visiting this past summer. The Chinese Lantern festival is an annual display of handcrafted lanterns set up in Franklin Square for about two and a half months each summer. Seeing these lanterns from the festival was nostalgic and joyful. The cover picture includes some of my favorite pieces from the festival. The lanterns upon closer inspection are comprised of small vials filled with colorful liquids which are illuminated with light from inside the piece. The amount of work and detail put into these along with all of the other lanterns is truly breathtaking. I definitely recommend attending the festival this summer if you’re able to or have never gone before!


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