Receipt Art

Liu Zhifeng is a Chinese artist that uses receipts as the canvas for his art. He paints pictures that tell the story of the transaction involved with the particular receipt he is painting on. He does this because he feels that “this era is just too convenient, too efficient. Whatever (service) you can think of can be provided for, and whatever you can’t think of is also available”. His artwork aims to make people reflect on their transactions and the impact that they have on the environment and on their lives. I choose to talk about this artist specifically because last year I did an animation project using receipts as the material, and was curious to see if there were any artists doing the same thing. I think it is interesting to think about the materiality of artwork and how it can add to a piece.

You can learn more at:


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  1. Viola B says:

    His paintings are so beautiful. It is a powerful gesture that makes us think about trash, consumption and our own individual footprint.


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