Philly Fish Fry

Philly Fish Fry is a monthly social dance set to live jazz music! A social dance is a dance where strangers who know the same dance can come together and ask anyone to dance – something that I thought was extinct until coming to Penn.

A video from the last Philly Fish Fry!

It’s a different form of art than what we do in the classroom, but seeing musicians and dancers react to each other in real time in a shared space is a rare experience – think of the last time you saw an improv dance to live music! Both the dance and the music rely heavily on improvisation, so it’s ever-changing and constantly keeping you on your toes.

You can find more info at Philly Fish Fry on Facebook. You can even take a beginner’s lesson before the dance every month! Hope to see you guys at one soon.

(The name Philly Fish Fry comes from the jazz song ‘Saturday Night Fish Fry’).


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  1. Viola B says:

    I LOVE swing and this looks like such a cool group to get involved with. Was that you in the video? What a great event.


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