Sharing Faces

Sharing Faces was a public art project created by Kyle McDonald and YCAM Interlab a few years back. This public art project was exhibited in Anyang, Korea and Yamaguchi, Japan. It takes on the appearance of a mirror and whenever a person stands in front of it, it stores a picture of the person. However, instead of displaying a picture of the person standing in front of it, it will display a picture of a person who had been to the exhibit in the other country who was in a similar pose and had a similar expression as the person currently looking in the mirror. So if a person went to the exhibit in Korea, they would see people who visited the exhibit in Japan. I think this was a very interesting idea for an art project and I think it was a really cool way to connect people from across the world.

If my explanation was kind of confusing, you can check out:


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  1. Viola B says:

    This is such a great piece. It exposes humanity. I imagine you would feel a connection to a person you have never met. Which is a really beautiful thought.


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