Are Marvel Films a New Art Form?

With Disney+ increasing the Marvel empire into the realm of digital short-form content, I have been doing a lot of research into the happenings in the House of Mouse. One interesting debate that caught my eye is a wave of some of modern day cinematic auteurs bashing on Marvel films. From Scorsese’s comparison to “cinematic amusement parks” to Francis Ford Coppola calling them “despicable”, the Marvel films have not been given any slack. As a consumer a bit tired of Marvel domination, it has me wondering whether these auteurs are right in calling it a new art form in and of itself separate from cinema or they are just too old for the modern times. Would love to here all of your thoughts on this issue!

Here is the link to the auteur vs Marvel debate:


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  1. Viola B says:

    So many thoughts! I am defiantly in the “snobs” in the “slobs vs. snobs category” but I think that may be a really reductive way of viewing this discussion. I hate marvel films, but I recognize their place in modern media. My ideas would more move to the question of why do people go to see cinema? Has modern media consumption taught us how to think about media? Is the public able to engage art on a mass scale? Does the public care about video art? Is there a scale between art and kitch? Is that just a snobby perspective?


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