HBO’s Euphoria Sparked a Makeup Movement

HBO’s new series Euphoria focuses on the hardships of high school in today’s modern world. The show challenges beauty standards and the female characters are known for their unique makeup style. Lead makeup artist Doniella Davy chose to use such dramatic styles to make Euphoria a heightened reality of what teens are going through. She never expected teens to replicate the look, decorating their faces in glitter and gems like the characters in the show. Upon hearing such positive feedback from fans, she said, “To inspire that kind of bravery of self-expression is so special.”


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  1. Viola B says:

    The makeup in this show looks great, and I love the integration of that makeup into the every day lives of the kids. It makes me wonder where Doniella Davy gets her inspiration. She has probably seen festival make up, hunger games, and all the make up influencers on YouTube. So I wonder what her thoughts are on them, and how she is thinking about it differently.


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