El Dia de los Muertos

This weekend I visited my family back home and it was amazing because I got to spend Dia de los Muertos with them. Even though my family doesn’t celebrate Die de Muertos as much as other families, it is one of my favorite holidays because it is inherently Mexican and a wonderful representation of the country’s culture. It represents our folklore, our colors, our food, and our love for unity and family.

Even though what I love about this holiday is that it allows us to remember our loved ones and spend time with our families, I also appreciate the specific traditions that come with it. These traditions include the use of each element of the altar, including pan de muerto, candy skulls, and the cempasuchil flowers, because they not only work to make an aesthetically pleasing visual, but also have a specific meaning attributed to each of them.

The annual Dia de Muertos parade took place this weekend in Mexico City and I think it’s wonderful to see the different colors and designs that are used for each costume. Additionally, it’s extremely interesting to see the exploration of death by giving it different personalities, such as being either ominous or playful, through the embodiment of the Catrina.


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  1. Viola B says:

    These costumes are so beautiful. I would love to experience a festival like this. Death is a strange thing to make personal and fun, but I think it is such a good thing to explore


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