Street artist paints ginormous portrait of eco warrior Greta Thunberg in San Francisco

I recently came across an article about Argentine Andrés Petroselli, known as Cobre, who is due to unveil an 8 story mural of environmental activist Greta Thunberg in San Francisco. I was intrigued with this article not only because of the effort put into creating such a large piece, but the selflessness of the artist in doing so. The materials used by Cobre were paid for by a nonprofit environmental campaign group and he was granted permission to paint on the wall, but he will receive no profit from the piece. Cobre said he accepted the commission to create the mural because he wants to raise environmental awareness. He also explained how the materials he used to create the mural were all eco-friendly which I thought was extremely important for something like a portrait of Greta Thunberg. Additionally, I am just amazed by Greta Thunberg in general and her advocacy and commitment to such an important cause. It’s awesome to see her receive praise for it in such a big way.


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