Launch of Disney+

As a very big fan of Disney, I was very excited to hear over a year ago about the Disney+ streaming service. I haven’t subscribed (yet), but I’ve been reading some pretty interesting articles commenting on prospective declines or possible cancellation of people’s subscriptions. The way some people are looking at it is that they wonder whether new users without young kids will churn at a high rate until the content offering expands. This is because, as of now, the biggest appeal is that people can watch the movies and shows they grew up on. I’m interested to see the future of Disney+, but I personally think they’ll do fine. We shouldn’t underestimate the strength of the desire to feel nostalgia.

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  1. Yuwen W says:

    I think my issue with Disney+ isn’t its content, but that it is a sign of a new age of streaming services. Instead of finding everything on one streaming platform (eg. Netflix), every televising company might branch out with their own streaming service to maximise profits and we’re essentially back to cable television, and I go back to illegally streaming content. Boo.

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