Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover

Next semester, I plan on taking DSGN 245, which is Book Publication & Design. When I was thinking about the course it got me thinking on the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Even though the saying may be deep and all, and mostly considering more important things such as personality vs. looks rather than actual books, I think judging a book by its cover is perfectly fine (when talking about actual books, not people). Presentation is extremely important, and the cover itself is an essential element of a book. I think the design of book covers is very interesting, because it is a visual exploration of what the book has to offer. It strips down the book to its most essential elements, yet continues to allow readers to imagine and create the universe in the book for themselves. I chose this picture to represent my post because it is my favorite book, and I appreciate how the design of the cover is both visually appealing and a good representation of the story.


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  1. birukti says:

    I love love love this book. One of my favorite quotes from it is “…intuition is just a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.”


  2. Viola B says:

    This is my sisters favorite book as well, so you have great taste. Enjoy the class. It sounds great!


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