Streaming Services

I’ve often wondered that with all these streaming services accessible to the people, how necessary is tv. I remember when I wanted a tv in my room and then realizing that I wouldn’t even use it. It’s . difficult however because in the long run streaming services might result more expensive than a tv, but it’s become the only way to access specific shows and movies. You need to get all streaming services to be able to access everything which is also very annoying.!8468!3!395351325063!e!!g!!disney&gclid=Cj0KCQiA_rfvBRCPARIsANlV66PHX073VNdE8R6NgZcch_MyPW-sp3PkgC0Vskd5kUlM4aoqu3JJYhsaAgs2EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
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