Best Science Photos

Dr. Aleks Labuda’s “Quantum Droplets” was crowned the winner of the Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition.

I have always loved science and I have recently become interested in the intersection between art and science. When reading the news recently, I came across an article describing awards given out annually by the Royal Society (the UK’s national science academy) for the best scientific photographs taken that year. These awards consider both the scientific ingenuity and aesthetic appearance of each image, aiming to celebrate the power of photography in capturing scientific phenomena and make science more accessible. As you can see in the images included here, the results are stunning.

Lauren Marchant’s “Twister in the Yukon” shows a large funnel cloud in the Yukon, Canada.

This years winner, called “Quantum Droplets” and shown above, consisted of physicist Dr. Aleks Labuda using a vibrating petri dish of silicone oil to create continuously bouncing droplets. This illustrates pilot wave theory, which suggests quantum particles are both particles and waves, and is also visually breathtaking.

Morgan Bennett-Smith’s “Fade to White” shows a clown fish among the tentacles of a bleaching sea anemone in Thuwal, Saudia Arabia.

I highly recommend checking out more of the amazing photographs and reading more about them and the awards at the link below:


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