publicwooooorks is created by schooool, a new design studio by Andrew Herzog and Nicky Tesla (both previously of HAWRAF). WHAT IS PUBLIC WORKS? Public Works is a platform that showcases and archives monthly live streams from different creative studios/agencies/companies that gives viewers a “day-in-the-life” perspective from places that are doing interesting work. They are currently streaming…

Japanese Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale, Italy, 2008

an amazing illustration of the garden in the japanese pavilion created by junya ishigami for the venice architecture biennale in 2008 that I found on i thought it was so cute an such an amazing view of a garden : thinking about recreating something like this for my mom’s home garden.

Data Visualization – Pentagram

In continuation of my previous post, Pentagram also have amazing data visualization projects. This might be a helpful inspiration for project three! This particular project by Giorgia Lupi, one of Pentagram’s newest partners, is especially inspiring to me (and pretty directly related to our project). Lupi and Stefanie Posavec created visualizations of personal data collected…

Art Book Awards

Pentagram, one of the most prominent design studios based out of New York, creates lots of great work! Here is a really fun one for the Richard Schlagman Art Book Awards. If you have time, definitely get lost on their website. However, it does seem that Pentagram often repeats their design. But, what works works!

Sometimes Publishing

Sometimes publishing is a music magazine/publishing studio based in Philadelphia. They do a lot of school stuff that highlights events in Philadelphia along with reviewing music. They also put out art zines that I think are amazing. Def support + check em out! :~D

House of Vans Philly

For those who are staying in Philly over Fall Break, House of Vans will have art, skating, and music from Oct 10 – 13! Go check it out! “Art collective Space 1026 brought their soon to be closed Arch St. location to House of Vans through If These Walls Could Talk – Philly Art Retrospective….

Stuff SF One of my favorite antique stores in San Francisco! Stuff carries vintage design books, design artifacts of the 20th Century (Eames chairs, Bauhaus lamps, etc.) amongst many other things. The space hosts many separate vendors that specialize in separate things. If any of you are ever in SF, or moving to the Bay Area…