‘We’ve Been At This For a Long Time’: Artists in ‘We Make America’ Collective Join Climate Strike

Millions of people took to the streets all around the world on Friday, September 20th for a global climate protest. Among the protesters in New York were a group called, “We Make America”, a group of artist activists who provoke thoughts and raise interest for several causes through art. Their signs were vibrant and eye-catching amongst the sea of people carrying out the strike. The thought and effort put into their signs was truly inspiring.


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  1. Viola B says:

    Signage, and how it is used is so interesting. Well made signs can speak volumes, just like well designed ones. The I AM A MAN sign used in the civil rights protests in the 60s has been used and reused by protest groups, artists, and activists. It is so simple, and so profound. A well made sign can change so much!


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