2% of global art auction spending is on work by women. 2. Percent.

The lack of diversity in many professional fields is not something I am unfamiliar to; however, the lack of diversity in the professionally acknowledged art was not something I was familiar to. The statistic that only 2% of global art auction spending was on work by women blew my mind. This is especially due to the fact that, even with that tiny percentage, 25% of the 3% is one person. The article also writes how data showed that collections from 18 major art institutions in the United States were both 85% white and 87% male. I wonder how the art that is famous in the world and the different artistic styles in all medium would be affected if there was increased diversity and perspectives.

(featured image is one of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibitions in Atlanta)



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  1. Viola B says:

    You should check out the Guerrilla Girls piece titled “The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist”. Unfortunately this is not a new thing in the art world, but hopefully we will see the tide shifting as we talk about these issues more. It is exciting to see more marginalized groups of peoples becoming recognized in institutions.

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