How Far is Tattoo Far? : The Quality Trash TV I Crave

One day on Snap Chat the line “You WILL NOT believe what she put on her chest” caught my eye. First off, I believe many things I probably shouldn’t. Second, put what?!?! Click bait had served its purpose, and I was watching MTV’s How Far is Tattoo Far (also known as Just Tattoo of Us).

This show is horrible in idea, but I can’t stop watching. The premise is two people (with some sort of secret to tell the other or past beef) come on the show and design a tattoo for the other person to get. The catch? You don’t know your design until it is permanently on your body. Of course the tattoos are repulsive, petty, and downright hilarious, but they actually have some good art to them (which I honestly wasn’t expecting from this show).

If you like your art with extra drama, pettiness, tears, and f’bombs, this show might be your next guilty pleasure.


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