Soundtrack to Chaos: Untitled Goose Game

I was very excited to have found a relevant article involving a new game that has been on my wishlist since its release (and may come off that wishlist during a moment of weakness during midterms). The article explores the role of music, particularly Debussy’s Preludes, as it underscores the mischievous and downright dastardly shenanigans of a low-poly goose in an English village. After including the Preludes in their trailer, game developers were inspired by fan commenters to include dynamic music as a feature in the actual game; the scores feature bursts of energetic smatterings of notes dispersed between longer stretches of silence, which are triggered as the goose’s hijinks become more entertaining for the player and enraging for the villagers. The correspondence between musical atmosphere and gameplay energy creates an engaging player experience, which is unique each time you step into the goose’s world. An eventual goal for Project 2.1 is to find fitting music for the experience we create in our animations – I hope this article on music choice in Untitled Goose Game provides some inspiration.


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